TRFMA is governed by a Board of Directors that includes elected officials from Washoe County, Reno, and Sparks. The board receives input from a Technical Advisory Committee and Community Working Group.

| Technical Advisory Committee

The TAC reviews and advises the Board on matters relating to the design, implementation, construction, ownership, operation, monitoring, and maintenance of capital projects included in the Flood Project, as well as proposed legislation, plans, planning recommendations, regulations, and policy statements to be made by the Board. Meetings are generally held on the last Friday of each month.

The TRFMA Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a nine-member public body consisting of appointees from the following entities:

City of Reno

Members: Trina Magoon, Jon Simpson

Alternate: Joe Coudriet

City of Sparks

Members: Rob Bidart, Ashley Elson

Alternate: Jon Ericson

Washoe County

Members: Chris Bronczyk, Janelle Thomas

Alternate: Vacant

Storey County

Member: Lance Gilman

Alternate: Kathy Canfield

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Member: Donna Noel

Alternate: Aaron Bill

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

Member: Zachary Carter

Alternate: Chris Fritsen

| Community Working Group

The TRFMA Working Group represents a diverse group of public stakeholders, including businesses, homeowners, environmental groups, technical experts, activists, and interested citizens. Membership in the Working Group is open to the community at large. The Working Group provides a public forum for exchanging ideas and sharing information on the Flood Project. Concerns and issues raised by this community coalition are forwarded to TRFMA Staff for consideration by the TRFMA Board of Directors. Meetings are generally held on the last Wednesday of each month.