The Financial Assistance Program for Home Elevation (Home Elevation Program) was initiated in 2010 by the agency now known as the Truckee River Flood Management Authority (TRFMA) in order to help eligible homeowners in the Hidden Valley area to elevate their homes, thereby making the properties more resistant to flood damage. The program is voluntary; interested homeowners are encouraged to submit applications to TRFMA.


In March 2006, the Flood Project Coordinating Committee (FPCC, now the TRFMA Board of Directors) officially adopted the Locally Preferred Plan (LPP), which included the construction of a levee in the Hidden Valley area. Over the course of designing and refining the Flood Project elements, engineers determined that it was actually more cost-effective to elevate certain homes in the neighborhoods of Hidden Valley, Rosewood Lakes, and Eastside Subdivision.

In June 2009, the Nevada Legislature approved Assembly Bill 54 to allow Washoe County and TRFMA to award grants to individuals to assist with elevating their flood-prone homes. Later that year, the FPCC amended the LPP to include non-structural alternatives such as home elevation and buyouts. Read the full text of AB 54.

Phase I of the Home Elevation Program was approved by the FPCC in January 2010; $2 million was allocated for this work. Subsequently the Washoe County Board of County Commissioners passed an ordinance to amend Washoe County Code and create the Truckee River Flood Protection Financial Assistance Program to provide financial assistance to eligible property owners to make such properties resistant to flood damage. Read the full text of Washoe County Ordinance No. 1439.


Are you a homeowner who is interested in elevating your flood-prone home? Read the Home Elevation Handbook (updated July 2018) and Appendices to find out if your home is in the Approved Area and eligible for a financial assistance grant. Please complete the Homeowner Application Form and submit it to TRFMA for review.


Are you a contractor who is interested in working on home elevation projects? Please complete the Contractor Interest Form and someone from our office will contact you.