The Truckee River Flood Control Project Needs Committee (FCPNC or Needs Committee) was established in 2017 pursuant to Nevada Assembly Bill No. 375 (AB 375) and Resolution 2017-8 (passed by the Truckee River Flood Management Authority Board of Directors). The main purpose of the FCPNC is to recommend the imposition of one or more tax(es), fee(s), rate(s) or charge(s) to fund the construction of an approved flood control project. The work of the committee is focused on the following tasks:

  • Before April 2, 2018, the FCPNC will prepare recommendations regarding taxes, fees, rates or any combination thereof to provide funding to the flood management authority for an approved flood management project.
  • Additionally, the FCPNC will have 18 months to investigate, prepare and submit a report concerning the issue of flooding in areas of the county that are not covered by a flood protection plan.



  • The FPCNC must include a proposal for the imposition of a fee, rate or charge that the governing body of the flood authority is authorized to impose.
  • The FPCNC may include a proposal for imposition of one or more of the taxes or fees listed in AB 375.
  • The taxes that may be considered include: room tax, supplemental government services tax (i.e., vehicle privilege tax), real property transfer tax, property tax, and/or any other tax that the county is authorized to impose under State law.
  • Sales tax may not be considered.
  • If any fees are recommended, the flood management authority will impose the fees as recommended by the FCPNC.
  • If any taxes are recommended, a ballot question asking whether or not the tax(es) should be imposed will be presented to Washoe County voters at the general election of 2018.
  • If the FCPNC is unable to develop a recommendation it may dissolve itself.


Additional Information: FCPNC Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)