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Building For The Future

What We Do

TRFMA is a joint effort among the cities of Reno and Sparks, Washoe County, and numerous other stakeholders to reduce the devastating impacts of flooding along the Truckee River in Washoe County, Nevada. TRFMA is building infrastructure and managing the floodplain to reduce flood damages, safeguard public health, and create a more resilient community. We are preserving open space, restoring the ecosystem, and enhancing recreational opportunities along the Truckee River. 


The Flood Project is designed to provide a variety of public safety, economic, recreational and environmental benefits to the Truckee Meadows region. 


TRFMA is governed by a Board of Directors that includes elected officials from Washoe County, Reno, and Sparks. The board receives input from a Technical Advisory Committee and Community Working Group. 


TRFMA implements projects to reduce flood impacts and restore the Truckee River. The agency provides technical support to local governments, planners and developers. TRFMA monitors river flow conditions and assists emergency managers during flood events.


Our staff includes an Executive Director, General Counsel, Senior Financial Analyst, Natural Resource Manager and Office Specialist. We’re here to answer your questions about the project!

Meetings & Events

TRFMA holds regular public meetings to conduct business and move the Flood Project forward. Check out our calendar of upcoming events and subscribe to receive emails about our progress!

Document Library

TRFMA is creating a comprehensive library of documents related to the agency, the Flood Project, and the Truckee River. Documents will be continually added over time and will be categorized to allow users to easily search for and find
specific information. 

The Document Library is organized according to three main categories: Meetings & Events, Project Documentation, and
News & Updates.


Meetings & Events

Find agendas, minutes, presentations and reports from past meetings and public events. Search by date, document type, or meeting group.


Project Documentation

Find information related to the Flood Project planning and construction, including plans, technical reports, budgets and schedules. Search by date, document type, or project name and location. 


News & Updates

Learn more about the Truckee River, the Flood Project, and flooding issues from newspaper articles, interviews, press releases, and announcements. Search by date or document type.

Latest News

Monitoring & Preparing
for Floods

TRFMA operates a network of streamflow and precipitation gages to monitor conditions and flood potential in the Truckee River watershed. We work closely with government agencies and first responders to assess flood risk and plan for flood emergencies. Here are some resources to help you before, during, and after a flood event. 

Sandbag Locations

Local public works departments maintain sandbagging supplies throughout the Truckee Meadows. Find out where you can get sandbags to protect your property from flooding.

Report Flooding

Find out how to report flooding in your area and request help with flooding issues.

Did You Know


The Truckee River Flow

The Truckee is the sole outlet
of Lake Tahoe and drains part of the high Sierra Nevada, emptying into Pyramid Lake in the
Great Basin.

4.55 ft

Gage Height

January 30, 2024
February 06, 2024

Truckee RV at
Vista, NV – 10350000


Drinking Water

The Truckee waters are an important source of irrigation along its valley and adjacent valleys. 85% of Reno-Sparks drinking water is drawn
from the Truckee River.