The TRFMA Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is a nine-member public body consisting of appointees from the following entities:

City of Reno

John Flansberg & Kerri Lanza
Alternate: Joe Coudriet (Chair)

City of Sparks

John Martini & TBD
Alternate: Neil Krutz

Washoe County

Trevor Lloyd & Kimble Corbridge
Alternate: TBD

Storey County

Lance Gilman
Alternates: Austin Osborne, Kathy Canfield

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

Donna Noel
Alternate: Kameron Morgan

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

Jean Stone (Vice Chair)
Alternate: Randy Pahl

The TAC reviews and advises the Board on matters relating to the design, implementation, construction, ownership, operation, monitoring, and maintenance of capital projects included in the Flood Project; as well as proposed legislation, plans, planning recommendations, regulations, and policy statements to be made by the Board. Meetings are generally held on the last Friday of each month.

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